Baby Basketball Fan Onesies


Are you a basketball fan and want to get your baby something accordingly? Get these Basketball onesies as you can find one with your favorite teams logo printed on them!

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Size Length   Sleeve Length Bust Shoulder width
3-6 months 38 7 25×2 23
6-9 months 40 8 26×2 24
9-12 months 42 9 27×2 24
12-15 months 45 9 28×2 26


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Weight 130.0 g

Black3Style, Blue3Style, Yellow7Style, Orange2Style, White5Style, Yellow5Style, Yellow1Style, Pink3Style, Yellow5Style, Pink1Style, Gray2Style, Blue2Style, White1Style, White7Style, Gray1Style, Black2Style, Orange2Style, White5Style, White6Style, White8Style, Orange1Style, White2Style, White5Style, Red1Style, Pink3Style, Pink2Style, White4Style, Pink3Style, Blue2Style, Black2Style, Yellow1Style, White7Style, White2Style, White8Style, Pink2Style, Pink1Style, Gray2Style, Yellow2Style, Pink2Style, Darkred, Yellow4Style, Gray2Style, Yellow3Style, Yellow7Style, Orange2Style, Gray3Style, Pink1Style, White3Style, Yellow2Style, Orange2Style, Blue1Style, White1Style, Pink1Style, White6Style, Yellow6Style, Yellow8Style, Orange1Style, Yellow2Style, Yellow5Style, Yellow6Style, Yellow8Style, White6Style, Yellow8Style, White6Style, White7Style, Black2Style, Red1Style, White1Style, Gray1Style, Blue3Style, Gray3Style, Black2Style, Yellow4Style, Yellow3Style, White2Style, Gray1Style, Blue3Style, White7Style, Blue2Style, White2Style, Blue1Style, Blue3Style, White5Style, Yellow7Style, White3Style, Yellow3Style, White4Style, Darkred, White4Style, Gray3Style, Black1Style, Black1Style, Black3Style, Yellow7Style, Yellow8Style, Black3Style, Yellow2Style, White3Style, White4Style, Blue2Style, Gray1Style, Pink3Style, Yellow5Style, White3Style, Yellow4Style, Red1Style, Darkred, Pink2Style, Black1Style, Black1Style, Black3Style, Gray2Style, Yellow4Style, Yellow6Style, Yellow1Style, Blue1Style, Gray3Style, Yellow6Style, Yellow1Style, Orange1Style, Darkred, White8Style, Yellow3Style, Orange1Style, Red1Style, White1Style, Blue1Style, White8Style

Appropriate height

80cm, 90cm, 66cm, 73cm