Cashmere high boots


Treat yourself with comfort and style that you will feel proud of. Get these Cashmere high boots and go about your day in style!

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Size: 11cm long, 12cm long, 13cm long,

Color Classification: Light Blue, Blue, Black, Light Brown, Light Pink, Pink

Help surface material: cotton cloth

Toddler sole material: cotton

Closed way: Velcro




   *Color classification: dark brown, light brown, light blue, leopard print, light pink, light blue spell, light khaki, pink stripes, black stripes, deep pink powder, light blue stripes, light khaki.

*Applicable season: Spring and Autumn

* Upper height: high help

Size: 11cm inner length, 12cm inner length, 13cm, 12cm inner length

Additional information

Weight 53.0 g

11cm, 12cm, 13cm


Lightkhaki, Blackstrips, Darkpink, Black, Lightkhaki, Darkbrown, Bluestripes, Pink, LightBlue, Powderstripe, Blackstrips, Lightpink, LightBrown, Darkbrown, Blue, Lightpink, LightBrown, Lightpink, Blackstrips, Lightkhaki, Lightkhaki, Leopardprint, Bluestripes, Darkpink, Lightpink, Leopardprint, Lightkhaki, LightBlue, LightBrown, Leopardprint, Powderstripe, LightBlue, Lightpink, Darkbrown, LightBlue, Darkpink, LightBrown, LightBrown, LightBrown, Lightpink, Powderstripe, LightBlue, Bluestripes, LightBlue, LightBlue, LightBlue, Lightkhaki, LightBlue


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