Cartoon leather socks


Comfortable and cute looking Floor boat socks is what every baby needs. Get your baby these socks to give them the cushioning they need when walking around.

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Size/Month Suggest Feet Length Extra Buttom Length Inner Buttom Length
 cm cm cm
11cm/3M 9-10.5cm 11cm 10.5cm
12cm/6M 10.5-11.5cm 12cm 11.5cm
13cm/9M 11.5-12.5cm 13cm 12.5cm
14cm/12M 12.5-13.5cm 14cm 13.5cm
  • Material:Cotton, One size fit most
  • It is warm and the design is keeping up with the fashion
  • Soft material makes baby feel very comfortable, Great gift to baby
  • Anti-slip design baby in safe
  • Perfect for daily use and easy to take off or wear

Additional information

Weight 300--45.0 g

14cm, 12cm, 11cm, 13cm


Bule, Lackbule, Gray, ABlue, BPink, Yellow, Darkbrown, Brown, ABlue, BPink, BPink, AGray, Khaki, AGray, BYellow, AGray, ABlue, Lackbule, Darkbrown, BPink, Darkbrown, BYellow, BYellow, AGray, Lackbule, Pink, Lackbule, BYellow, Darkbrown, ABlue