Wood Grain Bluetooth Audio System


This Bluetooth device is a high-speed and wireless device, so you can stay connected on short-range. If you wish for a high-quality signal and connection between your cell phone, headphones, and speakers to enjoy Bluetooth audio, this is the best option.


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Product size (unit: mm): 180x90x80mm (length * width * height)
Output power: MAX 3W+3W
Speaker: 52mm 3  5W
Frequency response: 80-20KHz
Signal to noise ratio: >=80db

Power supply: built-in 4000mA polymer battery
Power supply: 5V>=1000mA
Charging mode: USB to standard DC connection
External audio: standard 3.5 stereo plug input
Audio type: two-channel stereo
Bluetooth effective receiving distance: within 15 meters

Additional information

Weight 1200.0 g