Foldable Selfie Drone with Wide Angle 2MP HD Camera


The XS809S Foldable Selfie Drone  is something you can take with you anywhere you want with ease.  This drone comes with some good features such as mobile phone simulation rocker control, mobile phone gravity induction control, and Video storage can be replayed anytime, anywhere.

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1. Size of aircraft: 44*44*6.5CM

2. The aircraft weighs about 160G.

3, battery: 3.7V1800MAH high rate lithium battery;

4, motor: diameter 8 hollow cup motor 4.

5, charging time is about 1 hours.

6. Flying time is about 20 minutes.
7. Remote control within 50 meters.

Configuration of USB cable, AB blade each 2 pieces, instructions, WiFi camera (300,000 pixels 2 million pixels), screwdriver 9.6 cm (no card reader, memory card)

1. The product adopts 6 axis gyroscope technology, which can fly indoors and outdoors, and has strong wind resistance.

2. The aircraft adopts 2.4G frequency, remote control distance is long, operation is sensitive, can realize multi-person simultaneous operation without interference.

3. Through remote control, this product can realize the general four-way function (up, down, left and right turn; forward, backward, left and right functions) at the same time increase the throwing function and special effects roll function, in order to meet the different levels of operators, specially added low speed, medium speed, high speed, three-gear mode.

4, when consumers tune the fine-tuning, one key can be restored to fine tune.

5. The “headless mode” is added to the product, that is, where the aircraft powerless aircraft points, it is based on the direction of operation of the operator.

6, the product has added the function of “one button return”.

7. with WiFi real-time return function WIFI camera pitch adjustment

8. mobile phone simulation rocker control aircraft, mobile phone gravity induction control aircraft function. Video storage can be replayed anytime, anywhere.

Additional information

Weight 500.0 g

30WWiFi, 200WWiFiWideangle, 200WWiFi