Elephant pillow


Gift your baby this adorable and comfortable Elephant pillow! This pillow will provide your baby with the pleasant sleep you want to give them!

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Weight 1600--820.0 g

Yellow1S~Dualuse, Purple2, Yellow1, Blue2L~blanket, Gray2L~Dualuse, Gray1S~Dualuse, Gray2L~blanket, Purple1S~blanket, Purple1S~Dualuse, Purple1, Yellow1S~blanket, Pink1S~blanket, Blue1S~Dualuse, Pink2, Pink1, Yellow2L~Dualuse, Yellow2, Yellow2L~blanket, Purple2S~Dualuse, Pink1S~Dualuse, Gray1, Blue2, Blue2L~Dualuse, Gray2, Pink2L~blanket, Purple2L~blanket, Gray1S~blanket, Blue1S~blanket, Blue1, Pink2L~Dualuse