High Quality Kn95 Mask


The High Quality Kn95 masks were designed to provide the ultimate protection. You can expect this mask to offer better protection than other disposable masks. The Kn95 masks filter non-oil-based particles and ensures to help you bypass airborne illnesses.


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A medical filtration face mask to help you safely bypass airborne illnesses.  The High-Quality Kn95 Medical Mask is one of the most important tools you can have in your fight to fend off disease.  It is best to buy in bulk.

Style: folding

Wearing method: head-mounted

Exhalation valve: Yes

Filtration level: FFP2, KN95

Color: white, gray

Activated carbon: None

Executive standards: GB2626-2006, EN149: 2001

Material composition

The surface layer is 50g spunbond, the second layer is 45g hot air cotton and the third layer

It is 30g KN95 filter material, and the inner layer is 30g PP spunbond.


Additional information

Weight 35.0 g
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 30 in

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